whelping box photograph

We've discontinued the whelping boxes due to the extreme cost of shipping.  We have however left the photographs up so that some of our do-it-yourself types can get some ideas from them.


Photos of the Whelping Box
This one is shown painted, in a cream color.

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full view of whelping box
Here is a photo of a 4' x 4' whelping box that has been painted.
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two tiered opening on whelping box
When closing the lower door, and opening the top door,  this gives Mom a much easier access to her puppies.
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pig rails for whelping box
The pig rails are glued and screwed. This adds strength and long lasting durability to our whelping box. They also have added bracing underneath, for ultimate support of  each rail.
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hinges on whelping box
Here you can see the hinges we use on each corner of the whelping box.
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whelping box entry
Here is a photo of the two-tiered entry door of our whelping box.
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corner brace for whelping box
We have made a corner brace that fits on each of the four corners. These braces make a convenient place to set bottles, and supplies while working around the whelping box, as well as helping to prevent "escapees" up the corner of the whelping box.
whelping box

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