Whelping Supply list:
Having the necessary tools to whelp a litter can make the difference between success and failure. Here is a list of whelping supplies, Click on each link if you need to know how each item is used.

 A * is beside items I consider a must.

(one curved, one straight) 3 1/2 inch for pups that weigh 4-8 oz at birth, 5 1/2 inch for pups that weigh 8-14 oz at birth and 6 inch for pups that weigh more than 16oz at birth.

* Bulb Syringe:
Used to suck mucus out of the pups mouth/upper respiratory tract

*Sterile Gloves:
For vaginal exams on the bitch

Energy boost for both the bitch and pups. Immediately absorbable.

*WhelpWise Service:
Donít forget to sign up early

*DeeLee Mucus Trap:
A mucus aspirator that can be used for deeper suctioning.

*Iodine pads/liquid betadine:
Used to disinfect the umbilical cord stump

K-Y or water based lubricant:
Used for vaginal exams. NEVER USE Vaseline or mineral oil

Pedialyte or electrolyte solution:
For the bitches drinking water or to hydrate pups

Feeding Tube:
5fr for pups under 8 oz, 8fr for larger pups

Preemie nipple and Preemie bottle

10cc syringes for feeding tube

Feeding syringe


ID bands for the pups

Snuggle Safe

Flashlight and leash for those middle of the night potty trips

Lots of towels, both hand size and bath size

2 Heating pads; one in holding box, one to heat towels with

Blow dryer to circulate warm air in holding box and dry off pups


Ice cream (Vanilla for Mom, Chocolate for me) great energy boost for the whelping

*Friends to help with a GREAT sense of humor/great snacks/great movies


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