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WhelpWise Service:

 Have someone due to whelp?  Our monitoring service leases a uterine contraction monitor and an ultrasound Doppler for use in your home.  Equipment hooks into your regular phone line, and transfers information about labor to our whelping center.  WhelpWise is available to clients on service 24 hours a day-7days a week  Use of the whelping equipment begins 4-5 days before the expected due date.  The WhelpWise service is ALWAYS offered in conjunction with your veterinarian.


Whelping Supplies:

We offer a diverse selection of hard to find whelping and obstetrical supplies such as Ultrasound Dopplers, Hemostats, Snuggle Safe, NutriDrops, Whelping Kits, Sterile Gloves, DeeLee Mucus Traps, Feeding Syringes and  Preemie Nipples.

Whelping Box:

After many requests for the good old-fashioned wood whelping box we have engaged a GREAT carpenter to custom-make boxes for us.  The boxes are made with premium plywood, built with solid construction and made to last.

Articles on Whelping:

Published articles on the WhelpWise Service, Getting Ready for Your Whelp, Case Studies, Whelping Supply List, Breeding Management Record


Ultrasound Dopplers:

Dopplers are used to initially detect whelps around 30-35 days of gestation, with a fairly accurate litter count detectable around 45 days of gestation. The ultrasound Doppler is also VERY helpful during a whelp, as distressed puppies can be detected early, giving the owner time to intervene before pups are lost. Doppler's are available for purchase or are included in the Whelp Wise service.



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