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Case Study

Springer Spaniel


Age: 7 Years

Prior History: Maiden bitch

Reason for Using WhelpWise™: History of an allergic reaction 3rd week of pregnancy. Older bitch, first litter.

Course on Service: Monitoring began 5 days before the expected due date. Normal uterine contractions and fetal heart rates were detected for first 3 days on service. One day prior to due date an increase in contractions was detected by the uterine contraction monitor, mild decreases in the baseline fetal heart rates were also detected. Minimal symptoms were present. Fetal heart rates were checked every 1-2 hours and uterine monitoring revealed a normal contraction pattern for the first 12 hours of detected labor. After the first 12 hours of labor the uterine contraction pattern began to decrease in both strength and frequency. The owner was walked through a vaginal exam and the presence of a mild stricture was detected. The presence of fetus was also detected distal to the stricture. The owner was instructed on the technique to reduce the stricture with fairly good success. The veterinarian was notified of both the mild stricture and the decrease in the uterine contraction pattern. The decision was made to give a small dose of Oxytocin and calcium to increase the uterine contraction pattern as the owner continued to work on reducing the stricture. Fetal heart rates were within normal limits, no distress noted.

Two doses of one half unit were given over a two and half hour period with minimal improvement in the contraction pattern. The stricture had resolved, but fetal heart rates were beginning to show the beginnings of distress. Referral to the veterinarian for evaluation was initiated. Upon evaluation in the veterinarian’s office the decision was made to perform a cesarean section.

Outcome: Cesarean delivery of 7 pups; all live.

Comments: This bitch was given every opportunity to free whelp. Performing a cesarean section was only done after failure to respond to Oxytocin, documenting the need for intervention.


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