Veterinary Perinatal Specialtes Inc.

Case Study
West Highland White Terrier
Age: 3 ½ years


Prior History Maiden Bitch.

Reason For Using WhelpWise™: Bitch lives with a novice owner, breeder unable to attend whelping. Very valuable frozen semen litter for breeder. Planning vaginal delivery.

Course on Service: Progesterone testing was used to confirm fertile period and estimate whelping date. Four pups were detected per ultrasound at day 30 post estimated LH surge. The WhelpWise™ service was initiated 5 days prior to expected delivery date. Equipment was obtained at the referring veterinarians office. Fetal heart rate check at that time identified 3 fetal heart rates; 2 in the right horn one in the left. Fetal heart rates were in an abnormal configuration at the time of initial heart rate exam. A follow up X-ray identified one pup located directly midline, with one pup on either side.

Uterine contraction monitoring sessions showed an overall decreased frequency of contractions per hour compared to the norm. On day 66 post estimated LH surge, contraction frequency began to increase slightly. Fetal heart rate monitoring revealed that two of the pups were becoming stressed by the very slight increase in the contraction pattern. The bitch was totally asymptomatic for labor at this time

Client was referred to vet for evaluation. Upon arrival at the veterinarian’s office, fetal distress was worsening, and an elective cesarean section was performed.

Outcome: Cesarean delivery of 3 pups. Right uterine horn was twisted. Pups and Mom did well. Uterus had no damage from the twist.

Comments: The WhelpWise™ service provided the owner, breeder and veterinarian with timely information that all was not well with the whelping. Had the labor been allowed to progress it is highly probable that the two pups that were stressed would have both been lost. It is also probable that the twist in the horn would have progressed into a torsion, potentially causing uterine damage and possibly rupture. A cesarean section in this case would have most likely been inevitable, however early intervention promoted a healthy Mom and pups.

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