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Case Study
Airedale Terrier
Age: 5 years

Prior History: Third litter. History of asymptomatic first stage of labor; will not push to deliver pups during second stage. Large litters.

Reason for using WhelpWise™: Owner does not want to take time off from work or stay up all night to "stay home and stare at the dog, waiting for her to look like she might push out a puppy". History of absolutely no symptoms of labor, no temperature drop. Has required intervention to deliver pups in past litters, will not break sacks or chew cords.

Course on service: Service initiated 5 days before expected due date. No progesterone testing was done. At day 60 from the last of 3 breedings the monitoring equipment detected the onset of labor. No symptoms were present, a large meal had just been consumed, and her temperature was 100.4. Labor progressed normally and nine hours after the detected labor onset mild pushing was detected by the monitoring equipment. The owner was unaware of the pushing efforts. Vaginal exam revealed the presence of a pup just inside the vaginal opening. Delivery was assisted and pup was born alive and well. Each pup required an assisted delivery, and Oxytocin and calcium administration also were needed after the 4th pup as inertia compounded the bitches’ lack of pushing. Pup number nine had severe distress in the heart rate. Oxytocin dose for that pup was given in the muscle instead of under the skin to speed up delivery.

Outcome: Vaginal delivery of 11 pups. All live. Pup number nine required Dopram and resuscitation.

Comments: Using WhelpWise™ service greatly benefited the owner for several reasons. The owner experienced no loss of work or sleep in the 7 days prior to delivery that the bitch could have been "possibly due". Medication protocols, and assisting the owner to deliver pups prevented the bitch from undergoing an unnecessary cesarean section. Timely identification of the distressed pup and immediate intervention prevented the fetal loss.


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