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Case Study
Age: 3 Years

Prior History: Maiden Bitch. History of very large puppies in the line.

Reason For Using WhelpWise™: Novice breeder. Owner concerned that pups would be to large for bitch to safely deliver.

Course on Service: Service was initiated on day 58 after the first breeding. Progesterone testing was performed to ascertain the fertile breeding period. On day 63 after the first breeding the bitch became symptomatic for labor. Uterine monitoring revealed contractions that were mild and infrequent, consistent with very early labor. Labor symptoms and this prodromal pattern continued for approximately 18 hours. As the bitch became less symptomatic, uterine contractions increased in frequency and strength and labor appeared to be progressing in a normal fashion. Intermittent fetal heart rate checks revealed normal fetal heart rates. This active labor pattern was maintained for 9 hours when baseline fetal heart rates in two of the puppies began to decrease. At the same time the changes began in the heart rates, the uterine contraction pattern became decreased. The bitch showed no symptoms of labor, and appeared to be sleeping comfortably. Due to the fetal distress, the client was referred back to her veterinarian for evaluation. Ultrasound in the office confirmed distress in 2 of the puppies. An elective cesarean section was performed.

Outcome: Cesarean delivery of 7 live puppies, 2 slightly stressed and required minor resuscitation. Bilateral uterine torsions were noted.

Comments: The WhelpWise™ service provided valuable information about a life threatening complication. Symptoms of labor were ambiguous, and when fetal distress began there was no outward sign of the impending disaster. Timely referral to the veterinarian facilitated immediate intervention thus preserving the litter and preventing a possible uterine rupture. Had this whelping been managed solely on subjective signs and symptoms the owner and veterinarian both would have not been aware of the distressed puppies or the abnormal contraction pattern. The WhelpWise™ service identified both the puppies in distress and additionally made the recommendation to the veterinarian that because of the abnormal contraction pattern and fetal distress Oxytocin most likely would be contraindicated in this case.

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